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With 10+ years experience teaching masterclasses, technique and choreography to over 50 studios and thousands of students, Betty's experience and passion for teaching and educating is vast. She is passionate about sharing knowledge, space, and dance moves with dancers of all ages and ability levels. 

Betty's teaching philosophy is grounded in quality dance training, communicated clearly and shared with patience, with the hope to empower dancers to value improvement as much as they value the joy of the craft. She instills in students that the hard work is as important as the patience, and the artistry is as important as the technique. She believes in treating dancers with respect, and providing a space for them to feel safe to grow, try, fail, and most importantly: LOVE dance.

 Whether it is a beginner student, a pre-professional competition level dancer, or a seasoned professional, Betty is invested in all dancers she works with, and the spaces she creates with them. 

Betty teaching in Warsaw, Poland for Broadway Beasts

March 2022


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