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Betty Weinberger


Betty is a New York City-based dancer, actor, singer, choreographer, and teaching artist. She has been recognized for her dynamic and genuine presence onstage, her ability to viscerally tell stories through movement, and her sharp creative, organizational and interpersonal strengths as a choreographer and creator.

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Betty's earliest dance training was heavily influenced by contemporary and modern styles. In addition to training with the teachers at her home studios in jazz, tap, and ballet, she was regularly exposed to choreographers from Los Angeles, including Dana Metz, Jaci Royal, and Mandy Moore. She became enamored and fascinated by styles of dance rooted in modern movement, as well as creativity and freedom of improvisation. She began making up her own dances, obsessively, in her childhood bedroom and during lunch in high school. 

Betty received a Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Business from Oklahoma City University. With the knowledge that she would eventually direct, choreograph, and produce, in addition to perform, she used her time at college to receive a well rounded understanding of all corners of theatre and entertainment. She studied stage management, producing, lighting design, directing, development and fundraising, and more; all in addition to dancing and performing with the Ann Lacy School of Dance and Arts Management. She learned how to sing, dance, act, call a show on headset, produce events, and write a strong cold-email. She graduated with honors and awards. 

Upon moving to New York, Betty signed with CESD Talent. She has since performed at regional theaters (Maltz Jupiter Theater, Fireside Theatre), on national tours (ELF: The Musical), and in tv/film (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Law and Order). Some special career highlights are performing in Freddie Falls in Love at the Joyce Theatre, and inside the MET Gala with Leslie Odom Jr- directed by Baz Luhrman and choreographed by Andy Blankenbeuhler. She regularly participates in fundraising performances for various causes (BCEFA, Arts for Alz, Leg Up On Life), as well as industry showcases (DanceBreak, Kiss My Face). 

Within her first year living in the city, Betty met Al Blackstone: Emmy-award winning choreographer and director, and respected teacher among the dance community. He gave her her first big job: a role in one of her dream shows. He also was the first to call her his associate choreographer on that project, and was generous in sharing his knowledge and expertise, encouraging her toward a career in creation and direction. First a mentor, and now also a great friend, Al and his philosophy of choreography, process, and teaching is the root of Betty's approach to her creative work- both as a choreographer and performer.

Betty continued to work with Al on numerous projects, a well as many other notable choreographers such as Billy Griffin, Andy Blankenbeuhler, Karla Puno-Garcia, Carrie-Anne Ingrouille, Jen Jencuska, Michael Mindlin, Marcos Santana, and more. She is currently an associate choreographer on the Broadway musical SiX, and is trusted by many as a creative partner. In addition, she has choreographed her own works for music videos, industrials, short films, and stage. She continues to create and collaborate on projects in addition to her career as a performer. 

Betty is deeply passionate about dance and its ability to create connection. She is frequently seen at Steps on Broadway, Broadway Dance Center, or Peridance, sharing space with other dancers and supporting the community at large. She is invested in creating work that inspires, empowers, or simply entertains. She loves yoga, hiking, and writing essays. She is an open, curious, and ambitious artist. 


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